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Kind Words from Our Happy Families

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“I was preparing for the birth of my second child after a first birth that left me feeling very vulnerable. I came across Noelle’s services and knew she was the one. She immediately made me feel comfortable, supported, and empowered.

Noelle really delved into what I was looking for, and assisted me in exploring my anxiety and worries around childbirth and how she could best help me. No one had ever asked me these questions, and I can’t explain how meaningful it was that Noelle demonstrated she cared. She checked in with me after every doctors appointment, and she presented me with a folder chock full of information. She even added a journal for me to jot down questions.

The day I went into labor, I had been in contact with Noelle throughout the day. She came to my home, and as soon as she walked in the door, she immediately began providing support. I didn’t even have to ask; she just knew what I needed and it felt amazing! She came to our birthing center and her assistance proved invaluable. She helped me enforce my choices, and ensured I wasn’t overwhelmed.

After the birth, Noelle blended in seamlessly. She had a diffuser with calming scents running, made me a cup of tea, helped me to get cleaned up and comfortable, and made sure I was settled. She also kept family updated and was absolutely fantastic with my 4 year old daughter.

Noelle visited us at home a few days after the birth. She showed up with a huge meal, a large tray of fresh fruit for my family, and a box of tea for me. My husband and I were blown away by her thoughtfulness. We had two meetings after the birth to go through our experience.

I also used Noelle’s placenta encapsulation services, which was a phenomenal experience. She really went above and beyond in all aspects. Having Noelle as a doula felt like having my sister, best friend, and trusted professional all wrapped into one. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t have wanted to, have done it without her!”


“My husband and I highly recommend working with Noelle. She is highly professional, calm, reassuring, and has a lot of knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and babies.

When we first met Noelle we were put at ease right away as we fell into comfortable conversation. Throughout our meetings she was on time, offered up helpful resources without letting her personal opinions influence us, and got to know who we are and our hopes for the upcoming birth. All of the decisions we made were 100% ours.

During the birth of our baby she lent solid support to both my husband and me. She helped us feel comfortable and secure throughout the entire process. My husband was able to step away for a moment and she was right there to give me support. When I suffered severe cramps in my legs between pushing, Noelle was able to massage them and give me some relief.

Where there can be a lot of uncertainty, Noelle’s calming confidence helped me to feel strong and capable at the birth of my first baby. I would not hesitate in having her join us again.”

-Heather Carnevale

“Tegan is an amazing person and postpartum doula. She is kind, nurturing, and passionate about helping others. Tegan has gone above and beyond to make my family’s postpartum experience joyful. She enthusiastically engages in baby care, keeping up the house, and providing emotional support.

Tegan knows how to make a baby feel happy and secure. Upon meeting Tegan, my little man immediately adored her. The first time she picked him up, he smiled at her and started making happy cooing noises, which brought me great comfort. I know when I go out, Tegan goes above and beyond to make my baby happy. She engages my son in the same activities that I do, including wearing him on walks around town and rubbing his little back when it’s time to rest.

Tegan does a great job helping me with household chores that enables me to focus on what’s most important: bonding with my baby. She empties the dishwasher, folds laundry, changes the sheets, and helps with meal prep.

Tegan provides emotional support when needed. After the birth of my son, I was afraid to leave the house with him. Tegan helped me conquer my fear. To begin with, we took a field trip to the mall. She helped me prepare the car seat, feel comfortable nursing publicly, and gave me some great tips for keeping my son happy as we shopped. My experience with her empowered me to go on small outings with him by myself. Soon afterwards, Tegan accompanied my family and I on a trip to Puerto Rico. On that trip, Tegan taught me so many skills that made traveling with my son fun and easy. She showed me how to change his diaper on my lap, how to wear him in a water carrier in the pool, and how to keep him calm and content at restaurants. I now feel confident traveling with my son on my own.

My husband, baby, and I love Tegan. Having her present feels like having a close, nonjudgmental, knowledgeable, family friend come to help out. We are so grateful to have her work with us. I highly recommend Tegan as a doula. She will significantly improve your postpartum experience.”