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Why use placenta encapsulation?

The purpose of placentophagy is to reintroduce the beneficial vitamins, minerals, hormones, proteins, and other nutrients to a mother’s body following labor and birth. Although the idea may seem very strange to our culture, it is not a new concept, and more and more women are now taking advantage of the many benefits the placenta has to offer. The placenta has been shown to contain high levels of iron, vitamins, and your own natural nutrients, which when ingested, can help to: bring balance back to your body, prevent “baby blues”, reduce your risk of the more severe postpartum depression, increase your energy levels and milk supply, reduce the likelihood of iron deficiency, decrease in post-natal bleeding, and allows for a happier, overall more enjoyable postpartum period.

Where does the placenta encapsulation occur?

We always prepare placentas in the comfort of your own home, using our own sterile supplies. We do this so you are able to observe exactly what we are doing, and ensure we are using proper safe handling techniques. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our services, if at any time you have questions or concerns, please let us know!

When should I start taking my placenta pills?

Right away! Most of the time, there will be enough to carry mothers through their initial 6 week period. We care about our mothers and how they are doing so we will always provide a follow-up visit to ensure mom and baby are doing well.

What other postpartum support do you offer?

At Bodies in Bloom, we understand that mothers may need a little extra support after childbirth. Tegan, our primary postpartum doula is ready to help support you and your individual needs beyond childbirth. Please contact her at

Process and Payment

The entire encapsulation process takes place at your home over the course of two days, each visit lasting between 1-2 hours. We will prepare the placenta according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine method. For our first intial visit, the placenta is steamed and the dehydration process begins. On the second day, it will be ground and encapsulated. We always bring all of our own sterile supplies, and will make sure you understand how to store and use the pills before we leave.

The fee for encapsulation services is $300, and full payment is due on the 2nd day when the pills are finished being prepared. Please contact Noelle with questions or inquiries at