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Henna belly blessings have been used traditionally for centuries in different cultures during rite-of-passage ceremonies for expecting mothers, to ward off malevolent spirits and bless the baby with goodness, peace, and positivity. The medicinal benefits of henna are still being explored, but it is reported that mothers who use henna prenatally and during postpartum periods have lower rates of postpartum depression and stronger bonding with their baby. Symbols significant to the mother can be woven into the personalized henna design that adorns the belly to commemorate this significant time in a woman’s life.12495069_1047553265319736_3105159696045357169_n

Henna is homemade, organic, and will last for about two weeks. The adornment of a henna design celebrates the pregnant mom’s ever-changing, beautiful body and marks a memorable time of transition and intimacy for the woman. It helps create safe, sacred energetic space for the baby about to transition into the world. Henna belly blessings can be performed in conjunction with blessingway ceremonies, at the studio or in a private consult. Email Sami at for pricing, and reserve your session today!