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Cultivating Your Own Sadhana

f5aacb02aa8411570e9656833a4586b6I was first introduced to this word during my yoga teacher training back in 2011, but it was as though the concept had always been written in me. It made so much sense! A sadhana is defined as an “ego-transcending spiritual practice”, which sounds intimidating but is actually much simpler. A sadhana is something we can do every day that grounds us in the here and the now. No matter where we are physically or in our minds, no matter how busy our days get, we always make time for this practice. Just one little thing. It only needs to take five minutes, or if you really want to challenge yourself you can stretch it out to 10, 15, 20. It reminds us that no matter what craziness lies ahead of us or behind us, no matter what difficulties we may be facing, we are here – we are okay. It reminds us to be present and to come back to our center, our core. It reminds us that the earth is still turning. That we will live to see another day, another sadhana. It reminds us that we are in control. That we have this ability to bring it all back to ourselves. When we are having a good day, it is relaxing. When we are having a bad day, it is essential.

A sadhana brings a sense of clarity and calmness of mind that we can then carry with us throughout our day or maybe use to wash away the effects of the day before sleeping. Most people have sadhanas without even realizing it. Do you always brush your teeth with your kids before their bedtime, same time, same place, every night? That’s a sadhana. Do you always make your coffee the same way in the mornings? That’s a sadhana. But by making our sadhanas more ritualistic and mindful, we raise our own awareness and our sense of peace.

Some ideas for a sadhana include:

  1. Laying with your legs up the wall for ten minutes before bed, to let the stress of the day flow out of your feet and leg muscles.

  2. Lighting a candle and meditating while watching the flame for five minutes. This one is nice because it can be done at any time of day, when we need it.

  3. Tending to a plant.

  4. Preparing a cup of tea and taking 10 minutes alone to enjoy it and write or listen to music.

  5. Walking the same outdoor path.

  6. Choosing a mantra or prayer and repeating it to yourself, maybe in front of a mirror, maybe out loud.

Sami Migliozzi
About the Author
Sami is such a light in the birth and yoga community. She holds a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Alternative Medicine and trained through DONA as a birth doula. She is very driven, creative, and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Sami inspires all those that meet her and encourages others to discover their own path to wellness. She loves to travel and enjoys teaching locally and internationally. Sami has a positive, healing energy perfect in her work supporting women in childbirth, yoga, and wellness.