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The Breakdown

Free Consultation

An introductory meeting to get to know one another, and see if we connect together. Keep in mind this may take place at any point in your pregnancy, it’s never too early or too late to bring us on board!

Two Prenatal Visits

Upon signing our contract and recieving payment we will set up two visits and will be able to communicate as often as you’d like.

For our first visit we will go over the following:

  • Fears, questions, and any concerns
  • Basic health history for mother
  • Pain management plan
  • Define the expectations and role of your doula
  • Discuss ideal birth plan and birth environment
  • Go over placenta and cord blood options
  • Newborn procedures and your preferences
  • Provide numerous handouts/ helpful resources

For our second visit, we will discuss:

  • Stages and signs of labor
  • Comfort measures for labor
  • Laboring and birthing positions
  • Postpartum support plan
  • Provide you with any last resources

Phone & Email Support

We will be available to you any time day or night! Our continuous support is available through email or telephone.


  • On call for you from 38 weeks until the birth.
  • Decide together when and where to meet you in labor.
  • Emotional support and physical comfort for you and your partner
  • Facilitates communication between the laboring woman, her partner, family members, and her clinical care providers
  • Helps you get the information needed to make informed decisions
  • Recognizes that childbirth is an experience that impacts a woman’s emotions, mind, body, and spirit
  • Maintains objective viewpoint at all times
  • Will remain with you after birth until family is settled and comfortable
  • Assists with latch, breastfeeding, and any other needs

Postpartum follow-up visit

  • We will arrange to meet once 3-14 days postpartum
  • Discuss mother’s health, well-being, and recovery
  • Go over birth experience together
  • Answer any questions regarding newborn care, breastfeeding etc.
  • Recommend resources or referrals if need be

Things we will NOT do…

  • Make decisions for you
  • Conduct any medical procedures
  • Watch your children while you are in labor
  • Transport you to or from the birth site
  • Give medical advice

Noelle Gilmore founder of Bodies in Bloom

At Bodies in Bloom, we view giving birth as a very intimate experience, each one is unique and beautiful. As doulas, we strive to help women gain confidence through trusting their own intuition and bodies.

There is no right or wrong way to give birth. We support a woman’s right to choose what feels right for her. Our presence will not be to overshadow anyone, but rather to offer continuous love and support wherever and whenever it is needed.

Being asked to be a part of a birth is so humbling and such a huge honor. We are so grateful for each and every one for allowing us to witness the incredible life changing experience of motherhood!