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Core Yoga
This class has been designed from observing mothers not only in the postpartum time period but also prenatally. Expect to work hard in this class, creating heat and strength. We will also explore the pelvic floor, and different types of pranayama to support the movements. Your hard work is  always rewarded with a few twists to release your back and belly, followed by a nice juicy, supported savasana.

Beginner Flow

This class is suitable for beginners, those that are new to yoga and want to learn about basic concepts, breath work, and poses. This class is designed to help you to explore your own body’s uniqueness and work with it constructively using specific movement principles. Class usually begins with a breathing and body awareness, which establishes the focus for the session and builds intuitively into a warm-up followed by yoga postures and sequences to increase strength, mobility and awareness. Classes often finish with guided relaxation or meditation. This class is equally suitable for absolute beginners, or more experienced practitioners wishing to reestablish fundamentals or perhaps those that are working through injury or an illness.

Vinyasa Flow
This is an invigorating, energizing practice that aligns the body in various postures while synchronizing the breath with the movement. Together, we breathe move and flow from one pose to another. Finding fluidity and ease in the body, as well as strengthening and focusing the mind.
This practice often incorporates breath awareness, sun salutations, core strengthening, arm balances, standing balancing poses with a few floor postures to strengthen the core, spine and open the hips. Our teachers always offer modifications or variations to help you find your flow while building strength, stamina and resilience. All levels are welcome.

Power Vinyasa
This class is meant to fire you up! You can definitely expect to sweat in this fast paced flow, and challenge your strength and endurance. This class may include inversions, and arm balances. Expect to focus on expanding your practice from the inside out. We recommend building your confidence in our Beginner Flow class before jumping in.

Restorative/Gentle Yoga
This class provides a strong emphasis on rest and deep relaxation. Supporting the body with props to find the most nurturing variations of postures in a longer time period than our other yoga classes. When practiced regularly, restorative yoga can help in the relief of fatigue, tension, and chronic stress. Whether you are a seasoned yogi, or a complete beginner, this style of yoga will revive and restore your body, bringing a deeper awareness to your mind/body connection.

Parent and Baby Yoga
This class offers a great way to build strength and endurance following pregnancy and relieve some of the stiffness, aches, and pains that often come with the challenges of caring for a newborn. This class facilitates a fun, playful, and very flexible atmosphere.
We think a good time to start the class is when your baby is about 8 weeks old, and not yet crawling. Of course, we encourage parents to decide for themselves when the right time to join us will be,  it really depends on your birth experience and how you are feeling. If you had a fairly uncomplicated birth and are feeling up to starting some gentle movements, great! If you had a cesarean birth or any complications, then we kindly request you get your doctor’s or midwife’s written approval before coming to class. As with all yoga it is important to listen to your body and its natural cues.

Prenatal Yoga
Our aim in this class is to enhance the health and wellness of a mother to be, supporting them in the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy, as well as providing time to relax and transfer positive energy to their baby. Every class consists of breath awareness, gentle flowing sequences, breathing exercises, and each class begins and ends with time for relaxation. Props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters, and backjacks may be used to provide balance, support, and comfort.
No experience is needed and this class is suitable at any stage of pregnancy. However, if you have a history of miscarriage or are experiencing complications then give us a call or email so we can discuss how we can best meet your needs. We will focus on developing strength and mobility in the legs, spine, and pelvic floor, gently opening the hips, pelvis, chest and shoulders, allowing breathing to become more relaxed and comfortable.

Family Yoga

This is a fun class using stories, movement, and creativity to support learning for the whole family. As with adults, the benefits of children practicing yoga with their family regularly are endless. Yoga will help your child increase their flexibility, sharpen their mental focus, relax and may also assist with anxiety. Other great benefits may include: improved self-image and self-confidence, strengthened listening skills and power of observation, as well as developing deeper connection as a family.

Yoga for Little Ones
We will be introducing how to nurture a peaceful mind, a healthy body and a creative spirit. Through yoga we strive to bring all aspects of ourselves into balance. Research shows that children learn best with a multi-sensory approach, using hands-on, visual and verbal learning, making yoga an ideal learning tool. Here are just a few of the many benefits: improves flexibility, strength and body awareness, enhances self-confidence and social interaction, encourages self-expression and imaginative play, increases awareness of breathing and deepens the breath, strengthens the bond between parent and child,  and provides a playful, fun way for children to learn how to relax.

Our classes provide a balance between spontaneity and structure, and when children are having fun, their brains are open to learning. We offer this class to little ones because we believe that you’re never too young to do yoga!