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Empowering Women in Pregnancy, Labor, and Motherhood

Welcome! Bodies in Bloom is a collective of certified birth and postpartum doulas, prenatal yoga teachers, childbirth educators, and lactation counselors dedicated to educating and empowering parents. We provide a close knit family like network, from the moment we meet. We strongly believe that the strength of our system lies in the fabric of our relationships. Each member believes in the importance of interacting with love, positivity, and kindness. Our strong bonds with each other weave into our client relationships, and make up the fabric that provides a steadfast commitment to the families we serve.

The transformation that occurs when a woman becomes pregnant is so beautiful and sacred, every moment should be savored. However, many women struggle adjusting to all the changes. They feel overwhelmed with all of the decisions, have difficulty finding reliable resources, and some even struggle to reach out for emotional and physical support. At Bodies in Bloom, we offer women our time and attentiveness right from the start. We understand the stress and anxiety starting a family can cause, and are here to make the transition as smooth as possible. We will keep you focused on the positive, and release the negative, so your body can do what it was meant to do…bloom!

Ultimately, we want women to walk with their heads held high, feeling beautiful inside and out. Enjoy learning about all we have to offer and why we are so passionate about pregnancy, labor, and wellness!